This site will soon be replaced!

This subdomain of my site will soon disappear. is my main site which I write in my native language Dutch. Because I occasionally received comments from non-Dutch speaking readers, I decided to translate a selected number of my posts to English. However, because I’m an organisation freak, instead of simply adding the translation in the original post at, I decided to make a subdomain for all English language posts.
With time, I stopped translating posts, because maintaining two site became a bit of a drag.

However, I have now discovered a new plugin for WordPress (on which my site is build), which easily allows for multilanguage posts, without losing neatness and seperation between posts available in more languages and posts which are not!
So I am now in the process of inserting this plugin and once all is complete, I’ll be removing this subdomain and you can all come join me at my main site,

For now, please keep using this site. I’ll keep you informed once the change is complete!

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